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Hey! Say! JUMP Fanclub Stuff~

So, finally~

My HSJ Fanclub Stuff came <3<3


Okay. Now, the pics are really blurry since I took them at a place with bad lighting, but bear with me here.

First of all, the envelope:

Then, the membership card:

Notice how there are 10 members' names <3

Then, some other concert stuff.
Sadly I can't go to any of them....

The form for Dream Boys Concert registration

Some rules regarding Fanclub

Laslty, the FC book. It was smaller than I thought...

btw. this is totally unrelated, but here's the school Keito goes to <3

Keito Essay

Hey! :)

I don’t know that much about Keito. I just have a good memory, so I’m able to remember a lot of things he says/said in magazines, radios, tv shows, etc.

I also do a lot of research about him…which is how I get my information, I guess.

Let’s see. I don’t know where to start since I don’t know how much you know about him. But I’ll start off by answering your questions.

Firstly, his school. He currently attends Sophia University, Liberal Arts Department for Foreign Language. He skipped 3 concert performances last spring (the Yuuki 100% Tour)…so he basically only attended the performances that started at 17:00 for Yokohama so that he could study and get into the college. Unfortunately, his test scores didn’t allow him to get in to the fall course for the college, so he studied a lot, again, and retook the test this January, and was able to enroll in the spring course. (Sophia University has two courses: one that starts in the fall and one that starts in the spring). His favorite subject from high school was microeconomics, so he takes a lot of that class in college as well. He says that one of the best things about his college is the really cheap udon lunches…since we all know how much he loves to eat <3

Now, for high school. I can’t give out the name of the international school he went to because it isn’t publicized and I heard about it from a friend. Keito said on the radio that his school was really small and only had about 20 people in his grade. He ran out of the classroom during dissections in biology. His best friend from high school lives in the Philippines, so he went to visit his friend this January…I think. A 2 night stay. Yeah. For graduation, he played the guitar with his friend (there was a link to the song he played but it got deleted since it is from his private life).

Moving on, his mother. Here’s the closest anyone has gotten about information regarding his mother, Nishi Katsue. 

Click on the “certain” and “source” parts as well. They lead you to other searches done by other bloggers.

There are only two times that I read, in which he talks about his mother.

The first time was when he was talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said that he wanted to be a doctor so he can help cure his mother whenever she got sick. However, he gave up on that dream because he hates blood and dissection….so a doctor wouldn’t suit him.

The second time was when he was talking about the first memory he ever had. It was when he fell off the monkey bars and his mom helped him get band-aids, etc…

Here’s the time when the members talked about Keito’s mom a bit.

I can’t really cite where the interview came from, so if anyone knows, please message me :)


Regarding his dad, I already talked about it here

His friends. Well, I talked about his best friend above….i don’t know much about his friends except for the fact that he telephones them ever single night after he gets back home…since he gets very lonely. He has a couple of friends that are girls that he treats just like anyone else, except since he was raised in England, he does a lot of lady first. Keito talked about this in Myojo before, if I remember correctly. Recently (well, more like in the winter), Keito went snowboarding with his friends.

I don’t know what else to talk about, but I’ll just talk about his hobbies then.

There are only two main hobbies that he has, which I know of. The first one is his famous guitar playing. He started learning to play the guitar after the first JUMP concert. He saw Yuto play the drums, and he realized that he didn’t have any hobby or talent that he could show in front of a crowd; he thought that the way Yuto played the drums was very kakkoii. (btw. Off topic, but this was also the same concert that Johnny’s Jr. Hagiya Kengo started playing the drums) Keito then realized that he knew a person who could teach him how to play the guitar…aka his father. He first was very scared to ask his father to teach him, but when he finally got the courage to ask for help, Kenichi san started teaching him from the very beginning, using music scales. Now, playing the guitar is one of the things that calms Keito the most and one of the few things that bonds him and his father together. One of his favorite JUMP songs to play on the guitar is “Star Time”.

The second hobby that he has is playing billiards. He is said to be the best billiard player in the whole group, beating everybody easily. He used to go play with the BEST members, but the BEST members lost…..Recently, he goes play billiards with Senga Kento from Kis-My-Ft2, which is really cool because when Keito first appeared on Myojo, he said that the senpai that he looks up to is Senga. So, I find it really sweet that those two are bonding with each other.

Let’s see….I can go talk about JUMP member relationships with Keito?

We all know Okajima. Yuto was the very first person that taught Keito how to dance when Keito was a Jr. Kenichi san asked Yuto to teach Keito. They soon got to know each other well after that….I think. Yuto says that the Keito’s hard work is unbelievable, especially the hard work he does behind the scenes.

The interesting thing though is that when JUMP debuted, Keito only talked with Chinen. They used to go to work and rehearsals together, listening to Arashi songs. I don’t hear a lot of OkaChii episodes anymore…

Keito also is really good friends with Daiki. I personally like Daiki’s attitude and how he thinks of JUMP members as his best friends, his family members, and people that are really special to him. Daiki and Keito have a lot of common interests in music, tv shows, instruments, etc. When Keito wanted to by a synthesizer, Daichan went with Keito to help him pick. Not only that, Daiki talks a lot about Keito in magazines…more than Yuto talks about Keito. I think that Keito is like a younger brother to Daiki, so they do a lot of silly stuff together. I love OkaDai as much as I love OkaJima.

The third person that Keito spends a lot of his private time with is Yamachan, which was very odd to me when I first heard about it. I always thought of Yamachan and Keito not getting along together, since they barely talk with and about each other. However, starting this year, Yamachan and Keito go shopping together a lot. They usually just go into random stores and look around, then they go to a café, eat cake and drink tea, go into another store and look around, go into a café, etc….5 times in one day. Yamachan said that because Keito has similar taste as him in shopping, he likes to hang out with him. Also, Yamachan is moody (according to Keito) and Keito likes to care for other people, so Keito doesn’t mind whether Yamachan suddenly calls him and asks him to go shopping. Yamachan also said that Keito is one of the few people that will probably change his lifestyle to go with Yamachan’s flow, if JUMP members ever happen to live together.

Takaki and Keito weren’t that close with each other until last summer, if I remember correctly. After Summary 2011, Takaki started liking a lot of foreign dramas. He went and asked Keito for good dramas, and Keito was more than happy to give him info about anything that was foreign related. (btw. Keito loves foreign stuff so much; he knows a lot of their music, which is why Daichan always has a problem finding something foreign music related that Keito doesn’t know of. Poor Daichan.) After that, Takaki and Keito hangs out sometimes, going bowling for example. They both talked about bowling in a recent Duet magazine. Keito mentioned Takaki as “his friend”, while Takaki said that he bowled with “Keito”…which made me wonder, when Keito talks about his “friends” if he’s talking about his members…..

Inoo chan and Keito. They probably are the least popular in JUMP. Yet, they didn’t get along that well until Keito enrolled in college. Keito finally found out Inoochan’s telephone number this year, after being in the same group for 5 years. Now, Inoochan asks for Keito’s help when he needs help with his English homework or his friends’ need advice for studying aboard. He said that he finally gets along with Keito because he now has someone that will understand the difficulty and hardships of having a job and studying.

I don’t have that many episodes with the other members….so that’s all the info I can give out for you regarding JUMP member relationships.

Now, one of the most important things that happened in Keito’s career was his appearance in “3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei”. He was a student that dealed with a lot of problems…etc. I really advice you to watch it if you are a fan of him. Watch it more than once, like I did. It is one of the rare times to see Keito on TV. He worked really hard to play that role, since Kageura Yuya (the character in the drama) is the exact opposite as his own personality. Keito himself never gets mad, he actually starts crying, yet he had to play a role that throws desks around and is aggressive. For the very last scene, with all the students of Kinpachi Sensei (including Yabu and Hikaru), Keito had to memorize a very long line that probably went on for 10min or so. When the director called the very last finish cut, Yabu went up to Keito and told him “Good Job.” Keito started crying so much because he finally felt accomplished, yet there were so many things that he wanted to fix.

Many online users criticized Keito’s acting as “horrible” or “he just got the role because Kenichi san was one of Kinpachi Sensei’s former students”. I hated to read those comments so much. True, Keito may not have performed as well as everyone wanted, but it was also his very first shot at something. Having to do a very important role on their very first appearance is very pressuring. Also, Keito didn’t just get the role because of his father. True, TV promoters and the director might have chosen him because of that reason, but he actually auditioned like every other actor in that drama, even though he may not have necessarily needed to. Keito tried hard and he said that he wants to act again. However, there are no more offers for his drama. I want to see him act more….he’s so handsome and serious when he’s filming. I love it so much.

Lastly, to conclude my long essay.

If I didn’t quite answer everything you wanted me to answer, please ask me again. Feel free to comment, make remarks, do anything you want. If you want me to cite my sources, I’ll try my best to (yet some of the sources I used are really old…). If you are not satisfied with my answer, I’m very sorry. I tried my best to tell you everything that is interesting about Keito. There is also his favorite girl types, what he wants his future girlfriend to do for him, what he will do for his girlfriend, etc, but I didn’t know if you wanted to know those stuff, so I just skipped them. If you do want to know them, like I said already, ask again. :)

Many people think I’m a crazy fangirl…some people who’ve never been in a fandom call me a stalker. Yet, if you look at my Tumblr, I only reblog some paparazzi photos; I don’t like to really interfere with their private lives. They are normal boys as well. They have their own life, some may have girlfriends already, who knows. My information comes from lots and lots of magazine readings and some fan reports of concerts, as well as information I learned from other people.

There is one thing I want you to know though. To me, Keito shines the most out of all the people I have seen. He has a lot of potential. His personality is the sweetest and most determined out of JUMP. He may not be popular, but if you look at his eyes while he speaks in music video makings or tv shows, you’ll see his personality. His eyes are shinning, with no lies. I feel like it is my role to have more people support him, to have more people love him, and to be there for him even if I’m the only fan left.

Like I said before, to me, Keito means everything. I love everything about him. And I hope you will love him too, to see how he grows up and matures. To support him.

I hope you enjoyed my essay about him. Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,

Hanna xx.

So, I arrived at the Johnny's Family Club building.
(regarding the pictures, the colors are a little too bright. but please dont mind them ><)

The address is:
Shibuya 1-10-10 
Miyamasu Tower B1F
Shibuya ku, 150-8550 Tokyo

This is also where all the fanletters arrive.
Apparently, some of the JE boys actually come here to pick up there fanletters (but of course, not through the guest entrance)

Enter immediately and you see to the right all the awards JE got.

(sorry. its sideways. does anyone know how to fix it?)

To the left are the other awards:

A letter regarding intense fangirls, and how the JE boys don't like being stalked, goods thrown at them, etc.

Then continuing on, Bakaleya poster with the boys' signatures:

Keep walking and on the bottom you see Yamada's signature for his commercial poster:

and an NYC poster:

Oh and look to the right:

and here was where I was crying:

Ryutaro's signature.
JE still has that poster up, even though Ryu can't be exposed to the media anymore.
Even JE believes that JUMP is 10.

Continuing on,

Magic Power poster:

Kanjani8's movie poster:

Sexy Zone poster.
(I'm sorry I only got Shori and Nakaken's.....)

"Papa-doru" poster with Nishikido Ryo's signature:

Shige-san and Koayama's signed poster

"Ai deshita." poster with Kanjani8 signatures.
(please look at how Shibutani decorated himself XD)

Yamapi signed poster and Tegomasu signed poster:

Hey! Say! JUMP stuff on the other wall.
Basically, you have one wall that is filled with posters and the other side is filled with goods.
However, you cannot purchase anything here.

Kis My Ft2 stuff

Tegomass tour signed board:

Some other stuff:

The wall that is facing you when you enter the building.
It streams JE vids from the official website.
This was for the Takizawa performance feat. Kansai Jrs?
When I was about to leave, they were streaming Kis-My- Ft2....

The signatures of ABC-Z on the right side of the screen:

On the left side, this is the counter for registering for fanclub, or any other questions you have regarding fanclub.
If you are a fan of an older group (ex: SMAP, TOKIO, V6), they have fanclub books that they can sell to you as well.

(I registered for the Hey! Say! JUMP fanclub here. It was funny because the lady at the desk kept on refering to HSJ as "JUMP". I just thought it was very casual...)

Massu and Matsu Nii's signed poster for a movie.

This one is near the front of the building.
It was streaming Yamapi:

So, just cuz...
Here's some Tokyo sightseeing, JE fangirl way :)

Sexy Zone and ABC-Z billboard in the middle of Shibuya, right in front of the Shibuya train station and next to Shibuya 109, TSUTAYA, etc.

Inside a subway:

Inside a drug store:

On the wall of a 7Eleven:

So, that concludes my fanreport of the JE building.
Sorry it wasn't that good...and I was jumping all over the place :(
Will try to report for the official JE shop in Harajuku...if I can....

If you have any questions, comments, just send it to my Tumblr here.
I'm much more active there than LJ.

Thanks for reading <3